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Purchasing your Teething Bling™:
We have been unable to keep up with the demand and we're sorry to say that a few of our products have sold out. However stock is on its way and we can reserve it for you ...

We unfortunately do not have a Teething Bling Online Store as yet.

So once you have selected the Bling you want, you can purchase it/them by click the email button below the image, which will send us an email with your requested Bling.

We will then send you our banking details for you to make a deposit ...

Happy "shopping" :)

Click here for Shipping and Returns information.

Price: R175.00
(excluding postage)


Amethyst Donut

Coral Donut

Cotton Candy Donut

Jade Donut

Moonstone Donut
R 175.00

Mother of Pearl Donut
R 175.00

Onyx Donut
R 175.00

Kaki Donut
R 175.00

Pink Donut
R 175.00

Red Donut
R 175.00

Sugar Plum Donut
R 175.00

Tanzanite Donut
R 175.00

Turquoise Donut
R 175.00

OLYMPIC SERIES - Gold, Silver & Bronze Donuts

Gold Donut

Silver Donut

Bronze Donut
R 175.00